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Accelerating manufacturing for Low-Volume, Low-Velocity, High-Value products, in the Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Nuclear, and other industries.

Come and see our disruptive new technology at the following shows:

  • UK Space-Comm stand G20i, March  6th and 7th in Farnborough, UK.
  • USA Space-Expo stand 8003, May 14th & 15th in Long Beach California, USA
  • Smart Manufacturing / Design Engineering SME Zone stand 4-S91, June 5th and 6th at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.
  • Farnborough International Airshow, UK Space Trade Assoc Stand, July 26th only, Farnborough International Exhibition Center

Is Your Production Being Impacted by Unplanned / Repeat Work?

Does Your Production Get Stalled by Unforeseen Circumstances?

Do You Want to Accelerate Your Assembly, Integration & Test, and Improve Quality?

Are You Missing Key Information for Your Decision Making?

The challenges of non-automated production, like the Aircraft Assembly (FAL/GAL), Satellite AIT/AIV, Shipbuilding, etc., are not like the challenges of automated production (like cars).  

Challenges here include are things like:

  • Reducing or eliminating unplanned work.
  • Ensuring that the engineers have comprehensive, up-to-date, information to guide the production & MRO process.
  • Avoiding costly delays in the non-automated production process.
  • Efficiently capturing and demonstrating full traceability for audit & compliance.
  • Leveraging Industry 4.0 to accelerate complex production.
  • Ensuring prevention of loss (risk reduction)
  • Paper to digital migration
  • Etc.

There are few things more frustrating than Production Stalls - having products half-built, expert engineering teams available, but unable to proceed with the assembly and integration owing to unforeseen circumstances. Equally frustrating is having to deal with a significant amount of unplanned work. Work that has to be repeated, sometimes because a test configuration was wrong, or because some information was missing when the decision to proceed with testing was made, etc.

The Solution - Build IntelligenceTechnology

Build Intelligence™ Technology (or BuildIT® for short) is a patented technology designed to build Aerospace, Defense, Marine and Nuclear products Better, Faster, and More Economically. It is a computer system that uses Patented Algorithms, custom designed by Aerospace & Defense Mechanical, Electrical, Test, and Quality Engineers, to tackle the problems they face every day. It revolutionizes the efficiency of Aircraft Final Assembly, Satellite Assembly Integration & Test (AIT), Shipbuilding, Product Prototyping, and other Hi-Tech Production / Assembly. It provides actionable intelligence for non-automated production, to avoid unforeseen circumstances, reduce unplanned work, improve quality, and to help find a way forwards in any situation. Industry estimates savings of 20%-30% using this technology.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that the best people to lead the Production (Assembly, Integration and Test process) are the highly trained and skilled engineers and technicians, not an "artificial intelligence" system. So, BuildIT® does not automate the assembly or test process, but provides comprehensive information to the engineering staff for Advanced Decision Support, so they can leverage their expertise in choosing the best way ahead, but with the benefit of having all the information in hand.

The result of this Build Intelligence™ is a dramatic reduction in unplanned work and better momentum of the production process, accompanied by significant improvements in quality, cost savings, and timelines.

Analyst Feedback

BuildIT® is much needed. There are too many gaps between what really happens, and what the existing systems cover.

VP Manufacturing Research, Gartner 

In spite of the bells and whistles, MES & ERP tools cannot handle what BuildIT® handles. BuildIT® provides a much more robust technology for managing complex manufacturing.

VP Manufacturing Research, Gartner 

The advanced decision support of BuildIT® is where the real value comes.

VP Manufacturing Research, Gartner 

Further Information

For free introductory information, or to find out more about how BuildIT® can help you build Aerospace, Defense & Marine Products - Better, Faster, and More Economically - please contact IT Done Right.

BuildIT® - Build Intelligence Technology™
Providing Build Intelligence™ for Aerospace, Defense and Marine Applications

Photographs courtesy of NASA, ESA/ESTEC, BAE Systems,
Airbus Ltd, Cunard Ltd., Alvis-Vickers Ltd,
Anniston Army Depot, Shell International Ltd.,
Pictures do not imply the use of BuildIT® in all cases.